Vitaliy Kolos – Freelance SEO Expert, Web Designer and Online Course Creator

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Vitaliy’s Story

Vitaliy was working a 9-5 as a customer service representative for a web development company in the Ukraine. Customers would come and get their websites developed, but then had no idea how to drive traffic to their sites. Vitaliy picked up on this and that’s when he started to learn about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Soon after he started to work as a SEO freelancer on the side, while still working his 9-5. Eventually he was making the same amount of money freelancing as he was at the office, and thats when he decided to start freelancing full time.

Vitaliy has been freelancing since 2013.


Below is our full interview with Vitaliy

Main Points Covered in the Interview

What other types of freelance work does he do besides SEO?

Vitaliy also does web design/development & creates online courses. But primarily focuses on SEO.

How many clients does he work with / what types of clients?

Vitaliy works with 3-7 clients at at time. He mainly works with small business owners, site owners and site admins. But he will work with anyone at all who wants to drive traffic to their website.

How does he finds new clients?

Vitaliy has a profile on Upwork which is an online marketplace for freelancers. Freelancers make profiles where they are able to list their experience, skills and degrees . Individuals or businesses who need help from freelancers go to Upwork to find the right candidate to help them.

Vitaliy has been on Upwork for many years and has accumulated good reviews and ratings on his profile. Since he has a strong profile, he has a constant flow of people reaching out to him.

What is SEO ?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of increasing the amount of traffic a website has. SEO freelancers like Vitaliy help clients optimize their sites in order to increase traffic and make sites discoverable by a sites intended target audience.

If your interested in learning more about SEO check out these resources  РAhrefs, Neil Patel

What are the benefit to creating Online Courses?

Creating online courses is a great way to create passive income streams. Passive income is created when you put in up front work to build something and then it continually pays you with little to no additional effort. As opposed to trading hours for dollars.

Vitaliy has made several different online courses over the years.
Shopify SEO course
Squarespace SEO course
Other Courses

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