DJ Dykes – Freelance Youtube Marketing Consultant & Voice Over Artist

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DJ’s Story

DJ was working a 9-5 at a supplement company. He noticed that the company was not utilizing YouTube as a marketing channel. DJ started to develop and build the youtube channel for the company using his knowledge and expertise from building his own successful channel in the past.

After working on the channel and having success growing the companies audience, DJ realized he could do this for other companies. So in the middle of the pandemic, DJ quit his job and decided to start freelancing full time.

Within a week of quitting his job he landed his first corporate client. Since then he has built up a steady clientele, and is currently managing several corporate youtube channels.

DJ also does voice-over. He started doing voice-over in August of 2020, after many people were complimenting his voice in the comments on his youtube channel.

DJ is working on transitioning from youtube consulting to voice-over full time.

Below is Our full interview with DJ

Main Points & Takeaways from the interview

How does DJ find new clients ? 

DJ uses Upwork to find most of  his clients. He also does direct marketing, reaching out to companies on his own to see if anyone is interested in his services.

What caused DJ to quit his 9-5 and start freelancing full time? 

DJ realized that he could apply the same skills that he was using at the company he was working for, on his own. He also realized that there wasn’t much room for him to grow at the company, compared to what he could do on his own as a freelancer.

What is voice-over?  What do voice-over artists do?

Voice-over is pre-recorded commentary that is read off of a script, generally for commercials, animations, documentaries or news reports. It is the background narrator in a video.

Voice-over artist are given a script, which they then record themselves reading. Once they are done recording the script they send the recording to their client who then uses the recording for their video.

How did DJ get started doing voiceover? 

DJ started a youtube channel on his own called The Keratin Brotherhood. He noticed people in the comments were mentioning that he had an incredible voice. From there he started watching videos from voice over coaches, and realized that he could make a real career out of doing voice-over.

Although he is currently doing both, DJ is planning on transitioning from being a YouTube marketing consultant to a full time voice-over artist in the coming months. DJ says, that he prefers doing voice over because it requires less time and he can make more money.

Want a deeper voice ? Check out DJs tutorial here



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