Lovelight Handmade – A small business that sells handmade, artisanal candles and soaps online

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Lovelight’s Story

Mike Cons always wanted to start a business but didn’t know what to start. He knew that he wanted to sell something that was handmade and artisanal that required little machinery or heavy equipment to make.

Eventually he fell on the idea of making and selling candles. So, after doing some research online and figuring out how to make and pour wax, pretty quickly mike had made his first candle.

However he wasn’t satisfied with his first iteration of the candle. It looked plain and was in a glass vessel similar to most other candles on the market.

Mike’s girlfriend Olivia however had access to a pottery studio at her moms house. So together they started to play around making different candle vessels out of clay. Within a few hours they came up with a unique design that was clearly different than other candles on the market.

It was then , that Lovelight Handmade was born.

Our full interview with Lovelight Handmade

Main points and Lessons learned

The Pros and Cons of starting a handmade product business?

Making your products yourself can be both good and bad. One, it is a quick way to get started for anyone who is creative and likes to work with their hands & you can start selling something quickly. Also it allows you to alter, change and create new products all the time that you can quickly test with your customers.

When you outsource production, you are restricted because you have to work with a manufacturer and sometimes even product designers/engineers. However handmade can be time consuming and difficult to scale.

Where do they make their products ?

Mike and Olivia make have a studio set up in their house in Ashbury park NJ. They create the candle vessels out of clay , fire them in a kiln that they use in a nearby location. Then they fill the candles with wax and set the wicks in their studio.

Where do they sell ?

Mike and Olivia sell both online and in person. Their website is set up on Shopify . They package and ship online orders right from their home.

Prior to getting shut down by Covid-19 , they would also sell in local NJ farmers markets.

What is the benefit for online business to also sell in person? 

Selling in person, especially when your starting out is a really good idea. It allows you to make contact with customers in a way that you cant online. You are able to watch people as they interact , feel and touch your products. Also you can talk with them and see what they like and don’t like.

For those who cant set up at a farmers market or something similar. Show your products to your friends, family and people in your community. Knowing what people want and like is key. If you can nail that first, you will be successful online.

Their products and how they make them

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