Passion Peaces – An online small business that sells handmade wood peace symbols and clothing

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Passion Peaces Story

In 2016 after the tragic school shooting that took place in Orlando Florida. Gavin Milko felt lost and confused. It seemed like school shootings were happening one after another and it was a very chaotic and confusing time.

Gavin wanted to do something in order to pay tribute to those that lost their lives in the shootings. So he hand-carved a peace symbol out of wood and nailed it to a tree in his backyard.

Later on, Gavin decided to make more and spread them around his community. He carved out an additional 75 peace symbols, until he showed them to his mom who noticed that they were missing the middle line at the bottom that classic peace symbols have.

Originally what was a simple mistake, has defined Passion Peaces as a brand and business.

Passion Peaces sells their classic hand-carved peace symbols and now also sells clothing.

Our full interview with Passion Peaces

Main Points and Lessons Learned

It’s important to have fun while running your business

Running your business can be extremely stressful and tiring. It requires constant attention and can get very repetitive and boring. It’s important to keep things fun.

Gavin came up with an idea similar to that of Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews, to do PB&J reviews. He is in search of “the best way to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich”. He takes requests from his followers on Instagram of different approaches to make a PB&J. Then every week he post videos of himself making, eating, and reviewing different PB&J creations.

Doing something like this not only keeps things fun for you, but also for your audience. It is a great way to create more engagement and get customers involved.

Lastly, it is a great way for you to break up your content which is mostly filled with promotional material. Especially in today’s climate on social media, people are constantly being sold to. Giving your customers entertaining content not associated with what your selling can be extremely lucrative.

Community service and social causes can be a good way to get people to stand behind your brand

Gavin also does community service with friends and family in town. This is a great way for you to get people to stand behind your brand and to do some good in the world.

A lot of companies have some type of initiative, such as the “one for one”, which was pioneered by Toms shoes. For every pair of shoes sold another pair will be given to someone less fortunate.

Also, a lot of companies just give a percentage of their profits away to a good cause.

There are lots of different ways to do this, but one of the best and most impactful is to gather friends and family, volunteer your time, and do some local community service.

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