Clarina Kravens (@babyyytaco) – OnlyFans Creator

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Clarina’s Story

For those who don’t know, OnlyFans is kind of like an X-rated Instagram.

It’s a site where individuals are able to post nude pictures or pornographic videos of themselves and then sell that content to their fans.

Creators on the platform either charge a monthly fee to access all of their content or they sell individual photos and videos.

As of recently, OnlyFans has gotten a lot of attention from the media since the pandemic has exploded the number of users on the site.

After seeing other people she followed on the site, Clarina decided she would give it a try. She considers herself a “naturally sexual” person so she thought it would come easily.

In our interview, Clarina explains what it’s like to be an OnlyFans creator, how she got started and best practices to be successful on the platform.

Our full interview with Clarina is below

Main Points and Lessons Learned

Make your OnlyFans subscription-free and then upsell for individual content

Most OnlyFans creators have a flat monthly subscription fee, in order to access their content. Usually, it is somewhere between 5-20 dollars a month. Fans can not see anything unless they pay the subscription fee.

Clarina however takes a different approach. She keeps her subscription-free and then upsells people on individual content. Since her subscription is free, she is able to drive tons of traffic to her profile. Once fans land on her profile, they have the option to buy individual photos or videos.

This has proven to be very lucrative for Clarina. By driving tons of traffic and converting on a piece of that traffic she has done really well.

The problem with monthly subscriptions is customers have to take a risk because they don’t know what they’re going to get.

However, with Clarina’s model, fans are able to see basic content and are teased in buying individual photos or videos.

You need to actively promote your OnlyFans or no one will come

A lot of people think that if you start an OnlyFans people will just magically appear and see your profile.

That unfortunately is not the case. OnlyFans is not set up like Instagram, where it’s easy to discover different people to follow.

Its important creators understand that and use other social media platforms as their method of distribution.

Clarina uses both Instagram and TikTok to promote her OnlyFans. In order to be successful on OnlyFans, you need to be very active on social media. She keeps her stories updated daily on Instagram and makes several TikToks a week.

Get in Touch with Clarina 

Website: Linktree

OnlyFans: Babyyytaco

TikTok: babyyytacofans

Instagram: Clarina Kravens



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