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Matthew McGowans Story

Matthew graduated college with a finance degree in 2007, looking to get involved in real estate.  Of course right after he graduated, the 2008 financial crisis occurred, the real estate markets collapsed and there were not many available jobs.

So Matt decided to pack his bags and travel the world. During his travels, he ended up landing in Thailand. He was supposed to stay a month but it ended up turning into 9 years.

While in Thailand he started two businesses. One was a tour company for backpackers looking to explore Southeast Asia and the other was a backpacker hostel located in Bangkok.

While running the hostel and tour company Matt would talk with travelers/backpackers that came and went, many of whom were making a living online remotely in different ways.

This started to get Matt thinking, and he realized he didn’t want to be tied down to a location anymore. He wanted the same freedom that the people he was housing in his hostel had. The ability to explore new places whenever you want with no restrictions.

So Matt started to work on some different ideas for an online business when he realized that he was restricted by his inability to code.

That’s when Matt discovered Bubble a low/no-code platform that allows non-technical people to build software products without knowing how to code.

Matt has been working with Bubble since 2018. Matt does freelance Bubble development and also helps several companies, consulting them on bubble development.

Currently, Matt is working on launching his virtual school, which will be focused on teaching people Bubble and how to build technical products without knowing how to code.

Our Full Interview with Matt is below

Main points and lessons learned

What is a no-code/low code and specifically what is Bubble?

No-code products such as Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, etc.. are website builders that allow anyone to build a website easily without knowing how to code.

Low-code products such as Bubble & Webflow allow users to create much more complex web applications as opposed to just creating a simple static website.

Bubble is one of the best low-code tools on the market and allows you to build more complex software than most other products. It is considered to be a visual programming language, which means everything is drag and drop. However, although it doesn’t require knowing how to code, it still requires you to use programming, logic-based thinking.

Starting a virtual school can be a very lucrative business 

Matt is working on launching his virtual school which is a hub where he will post all of his content about bubble development. He also is working on setting it up so he can host classes and also do one-on-one training with people who are looking to learn bubble development.

Virtual schools are great and are something we are going to see more and more of in the future. They allow individuals to monetize their knowledge online and teachers can access unlimited amounts of clients all around the world. They can sell monthly subscriptions, charge to join live classes, do one on one tutoring, etc. The options are limitless.

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