Tinted Futures – A Streetwear Brand

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Tinted Future’s Story

Max Mondriani and Anito Akuetey have been friends since they were kids. Growing up, they both were always into fashion. Specifically, they liked Nike SB, Supreme other common streetwear brands.

One day Max brought up the idea of making their own streetwear themselves, inspired by the brands that they loved growing up.

Originally their brand name was Ubiquitous, however unfortunately due to trademark infringement they were not able to use that name.  Eventually, Max came up with the idea for the new brand name which was called Tinted Futures.

Tinted Futures is a high-end streetwear brand that makes tons of different types of clothing including t-shirts, jeans, sweaters, hoodies, bags, etc. Most of their clothing is inspired by the 70s & punk music. Then they add some form of a comedic effect and modernize their designs.

Our Full Interview with Tinted Futures

Main Points and Lessons Learned

Having a co-founder/partner is important 

Although working by yourself and being a solo founder/owner is doable, having a partner gives you an advantage. Having two perspectives as opposed to one is good in any business. Also, it allows you to split work up and you will be able to accomplish more overall.

If you do decide to partner up with someone, make sure it’s someone you can trust and also someone who compliments your skillset.  Max and Anito are great examples of this, they have known each other since they were kids, and both have very different skill sets. Max focuses more on design, while Anito focuses more on the business side of things.

Set goals and make timelines for your business 

It’s very easy to get lost or maybe tied up working on the wrong things when building your business. Setting goals and timelines for yourself will help you keep things in line and stay focused. Max and Anito create strict timelines in order to make sure that they are able to drop their upcoming releases on time. For fashion brands that do clothing drops, this is especially important since they announce drop dates ahead of time and then are expected to deliver on a certain date.

Do something out of the ordinary 

It’s important in today’s landscape with so many different brands out there, to do something that is different or out of the ordinary.

Max and Anito have put together an online magazine called TF mag. TF mag has tons of diffrent things in it. They interview other designers and models, explain their design process, talk about their favorite cartoons/music. They even included recipes for some of their favorite foods.

This is a really clever and unique idea. It is a great way to explain and craft a story around your brand and what it really means. Also, it offers something else for people to engage with besides your usual promotional content.

Get in Touch with Tinted Futures

Website: Tintedfutures.com

Instagram: tintedfutures

Email: max@tintedfutures.com



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