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Love Yourself Clothing’s Story

Maher Hachem aka Munch has always been into music, specifically rap. When he was in high school, he and a friend started a little rap duo called Crunch & Munch. Eventually, his friend stopped rapping but he continued, and the name Munch stuck with him for years to come.

Throughout his high school and college careers, Munch always had to let his music take the back seat to his school work and other obligations.

In 2017 as he was rounding up his time at the University of Michigan, he decided to go out on his own and go full time on his music after graduation. Going to a school like Michigan, Munch was the only one of his friends who wasn’t getting a full-time job.

Not getting a full-time job, and watching all of your friends go down very structured 9-5 paths as you chase your passion – can be very difficult and uncertain at times. Naturally, during this time, Munch had some down days, but during those days he noticed it was the little things that picked him up. Simple things such as going for a walk or skateboarding, reminded him to enjoy life and to ultimately “Loveyourself”.

Munch realized he needed something that he could look at each day that would serve as a reminder to “Loveyourself”. That’s when he decided to make his first piece of clothing.

What started out as something to help pick himself up, has turned into a brand and movement whose core message is to be happy and love life.

Our Full interview with Munch is below

Main Points and Lessons Learned

Working on your passion is emotionally difficult and uncertain

Starting a business or working on any type of passion can emotionally difficult. It’s easy to constantly be in your own head, questioning whether or not what your doing is worth it.

This is especially difficult for people who come from families or friend groups where everyone has a structured 9-5.

What’s important, is that you surround yourself with like-minded people who are also working on different businesses or passions. Creating these connections and building a community around yourself of like-minded people is key. They will be there to support and give you advice along your journey.

Do other things outside of your business, that complement your business

In today’s landscape, people are constantly being sold too online.

In order to stand out as a brand, it’s important to do things that promote your brand without directly promoting your brand.

Munch does this beautifully. He started something called Brunch with Munch, which is similar to Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews. Munch goes out and reviews the best breakfast sandwiches in the Detroit area and posts his reviews on his Instagram. Munch however does not post these videos on the Loveyourself clothing Instagram, and also does not directly promote his clothing in the videos.

The second you directly promote or try to sell something, people get turned off.

By creating fun and entertaining content that is separate from your brand, you will build a much bigger audience – who will eventually translate into customers.

Also, Munch is a rapper. He mostly raps about the idea of spreading love and being happy. His music further reinforces his brand’s message and the whole idea behind Loveyourself clothing.

Munch is the brand. If you like Brunch with Munch or Munch’s Music you are probably going to like Loveyourself as well.

If you get too comfortable in a 9-5, you may never work on your passion

Once you start working a 9-5 it’s incredibly easy to lose those creative juices that you once had. When you get into the rhythm of a 9-5 and gain that feeling of security and structure, your appetite for risk and desire to start something new disappears.

It’s important to note that not everyone can start a business and quit their 9-5 immediately.

If that’s you, just work on something on the side. Start small & slowly grow step by step, until your confident enough to make the full-time jump.

Get in touch with Munch

Instagram: @wearloveyourself , @raresoundsworld , @bigpinklovesyou, @hardcarkids


Music: Spotify, Apple Music

Youtube: Munch

Reddit: u/munchmusic

Twitch: munchmusic



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