Sweat with Sav – Virtual Fitness Business

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Sweat with Sav’s Story 

Prior to starting Sweat with Sav, Savannah Freed worked in the events industry in NYC for several years. Of course, when the pandemic hit, that industry was crushed and Savannah lost her job.

She quickly rebounded however and put together Sweat with Sav in a matter of weeks.

Savannah hosts both group and private fitness classes via zoom. She describes her classes as “Sculpt and Cardio”

Most of her clients are younger and in their 20s but she also has some clients that are are as old as 75. Savannah started with friends and family but her audience has grown far beyond that now with customers all around the world.

Savannah also works for a company called Sutra which sells software for virtual fitness professionals. Savannah has a lot of insight into virtual fitness and it was really great talking with her.

Our Full Interview with Savannah is below


Main Points and Lessons learned


Be yourself  and “embrace the messy” on social media

Savannah explains to us that the most important thing when building your business off of social media is to be yourself. Don’t worry about perfecting everything, instead, she told me that it’s really important to just embrace the messy and be completely natural.

I agree with her a lot on this point. People don’t want to see perfect, rehearsed content, it’s boring. When you are just yourself, your audience will be able to make a much better connection with you.

Also trying to be perfect is extremely tiring and you will burn yourself out fast. Be you, and have fun.

Get in Touch with Savannah

Website: sweatwithsav.com

Instagram: sweat.with.sav

Email: sweatwithsav@gmail.com



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