Emily Pinto (Vanilla Mace) OnlyFans creator + Twitch streamer

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Emily’s Story

Emily was working at hair salons for several years in Stamford Connecticut after graduating high school. Eventually, she wanted to get out of her hometown, so she decided to move to Boston Massacuchetes with a friend of hers.

While in Boston, someone recommended that she should become a server at one of the Strip clubs in the area. After being a server for a few months, she transitioned into being a dancer full-time at the club.

After several successful years working at the club, the pandemic hit in March of 2020.

In June, 3 months into the pandemic Emily realized clubs were not going to be opening up for a while and she needed to find a way to make money.

That’s when she decided to start and OnlyFans.

Below is my full Conversation with Emily

Main Points and Lessons Learned

Why OnlyFans is different than regular Porn

A lot of people don’t understand why OnlyFans works and why creators make so much money. “Why would I pay for an OnlyFans if I can watch porn for free?” is a common question people ask.

The answer is pretty simple. Sure you can watch porn for free, anyone can.  What makes OnlyFans different is you can actually connect, mingle and build a relationship with a specific creator.

When you subscribe to an OnyFans, you are able to build a connection with the creator that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to if you were watching a regular porn video. You can message the creator, watch them live, ask for specific requests. It is much more dynamic and engaging than regular porn.

It’s important to give your audience a glance of your life and personality outside of your OnlyFans

When you develop an OnlyFans it’s important to show fans what you are like outside of OnlyFans. Emily does this very well.

She started streaming on Twitch weekly, which serves as a great way to engage with her fans. By playing video games, and doing something she enjoys (just being herself) fans are able to get a sense of what she is like in real life.

This may not seem important, but it is actually one of the most important things you can do as a creator.

OnlyFans works because fans feel like they are connecting with someone real as opposed to just watching a video. The more activities and things you can do in front of your fans the better. It allows fans to feel like they are building a connection with someone they really know well, as opposed to a stranger.

Get in Touch with Emily

Instagram: vanilllamace

Twitch: vanillamace

OnlyFans: vanillamace

Website: https://linktr.ee/Vanillamace

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