Tim Hotkins (Coach Nalu) – Video Game Coach – League of Legends

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Tim Hotikins AKA Coach Nalu is based in Slovenia. He started playing the famous computer video game League of Legends about 10 years ago.

In his first 2 years of playing the game, he advanced to the top.001 percent of all League of Legends players in the world becoming a Grand Master.

From there he realized that he was good enough to become a professional coach. And for the next 8 years, he served as the assistant and head coach to several semi-professional and professional League of Legend gaming teams.

Although he mainly has worked with professional teams. More recently he has been focusing on doing private lessons instead. He says that he enjoys doing private lessons more than working with one professional team because he can reach a much bigger audience and can have a much bigger book of business.

For the last two years, he has been offering group and private lessons for League of Legends players and has worked with over 1000 clients.

Below is our full Interview with Coach Nalu

Main Points and Lessons Learned


How do you become a video game coach? 

Video games are similar to every other sport out there. Usually, in order to become a coach, you need to have played at or above the same level as those that you are coaching.

So the first thing is first, you need to reach a specific rank or status in a video game before people will actually listen to you.

This just requires practice and time. In his first two years playing League of Legends, coach Nalu practiced for 8-12 hours a day until he reached grandmaster which is one of the highest ranks in League of Legends before he started coaching.

Now, not everyone needs to rank this high in order to become a coach. Like I said before you just need to be better than those you coach. If you are a mid-level player you can coach beginners (there are plenty of them). Just get good enough to where others can learn from you.

How do you market yourself and find clients as a coach? 

In order to promote yourself as a gaming coach, you need to be active on all platforms that expose your skills as a gamer.

This includes Social Platforms and Online Coaching Marketplaces

Social Platforms for Gamers: Twitch, Discord, Youtube, Instagram

Online Coaching Marketplaces: Gamer Sensai, Gamer Coach, Skill-Capped, Proguides & Metafy 

Get in Touch with Coach Nalu

Twitch: Coach_Nalu

Discord: Coach Nalu#9180​​

Twitter: CoachNalu

Youtube: Coach Nalu


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