Yui Brooklyn – Hand Poured Candle Business

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Yui Brooklyn’s Story


Yui Kobayashi moved to New York City in 2016 from Japan, after her husband got a new job. She showed up to America knowing little English only having visited the states one time before.

She previously ran an online web design company in Japan and continued to run the business when she got to the states.

However, when she moved to Brooklyn 2 years ago she quickly became inspired by the culture. She wanted to contribute to the vibrant culture that Brooklyn had to offer and came up with the idea to make candles that are inspired by Japanese culture.

Yui’s candles are inspired by the Japanese word “Kawaii” which means cute. She uses molds that she orders from Japan and hand-pours the candles herself in a studio near her apartment. Yui’s candles are natural and eco-friendly. She mainly uses¬†soy wax, a dried flower, and essential oils.

Yui officially started selling her candles back in July of 2020 and has done extremely well, 9 months into starting her business. Currently, she is backed up 1-2 weeks with orders because demand is so high for her products.

Our full Interview with Yui is Below



Main Points and Lessons Learned


Follow what you Love

This may sound cliche, but it really is true. The most important thing is to do something you love. This applies to everything in life but especially when people start businesses this is important. If you love the design and being crafty, then do that. If you enjoy programming and creating websites, do that. It all depends on you and what gets you excited every day.

Don’t force yourself into starting something if you don’t enjoy working on it. Starting a business is so tiring and taxing, you need to be doing something that is fun for you otherwise you will get burnt out really quickly. Also, you are going to be spending tons of time on this and will be eating up most of your life. Do you want to have a fun or boring life?

Yui really loves what she does. Although she at times is working almost 24 hours a day. She truly enjoys coming up with designs, pouring her candles, and making her customers happy.

Get in Touch with Yui


Website: yuibrooklyn

Instagram: yuibrooklyn

Etsy: yuibrooklyn








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