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Vintage Sponsors Story

Matt Roberge was always into fashion. As a kid, he always used to go thrifting with his mother at different stores near his hometown in Pennsylvania. He first got into Tommy Hilfiger and then Ralph Lauren. He realized that it was pretty easy to pick up clothes made by these brands in thrift stores and then flip them on eBay for a profit.

Eventually, he started buying all different types of clothes from tons of different brands and selling them on eBay. Eventually, however, eBay started to increase their fees and for other reasons made it difficult to sell on their platform.

That’s when Matt decided to create his own website called Vintage Sponsor which he could have complete control over. Matt started Vintage Sponsor back in 2015 and started to promote his business heavily on Instagram. He used his network of friends who were professional snowboarders to promote his clothes and also Vintage Sponsor.

Being early on Instagram and also using his network to promote his name, Matt has amassed over 50,000 followers on Instagram account “VintageSponsor” – completely organically.

This and his great taste in clothing has led matt to having a successful business that he runs completely by himself.

Matt is based in Brooklyn, New York, and has a studio that you can come to and look at his clothes. However, 99% of Matt’s sales are online.

Our Full Interview with Matt is Below



Main Points and Lessons Learned


Want to sell Vintage clothing online? 

Matt told me the most important thing for people who want to start selling vintage clothing is to simply “Have Good Taste”.  Simply just having good taste and recognizing whether or not an item is trendy and worth something.

Also, he said you really need to pay attention to pop culture and be interested in History. If you know what was popular back in the day you will know what’s going to become popular in the future. Trends come and go, being able to get ahead of the curve and anticipate when something is going to be popular will determine whether or not your gonna be successful. Try to be ahead of the curve.


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