Harper Co. – Handmade Jewelry inspired by the Sea

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Harper Co.’s Story

Erin Harper was on a trip with her friends down in Puerto Rico. After spending time on the beach and collecting different seashells and other things, she and her friends thought it would be cool to design and sell jewelry that was inspired by the sea.

Eventually, however, by the time they got back from their trip, Erin was the only one that still wanted to make the jewelry.

So she started coming up with ideas and putting together her first pieces. She then set up a store on Etsy, and Harper Co. was born.

It was awesome to listen to Erin’s story and learn about her creative process.

Our Full Interview with Erin is Below

Main Points and Lessons Learned 


Focusing on one particular theme for your products/brand is important

All of the jewelry that Erin makes is inspired by the Sea.  Picking a specific theme like this will help you stay focused and create commonality in your brand and what you do.

This is very important to think about when deciding what you want to make. You need to focus on a theme that you can identify with and also there is a big audience of people out there who also do.

Pick a theme that has triggers

Picking a theme like the Sea is especially great because your brand is tied to a physical thing. This creates triggers for your customers and audience. When anyone sees shells or sea glass etc. they will potentially be triggered to remember Harper Co.

Triggers don’t have to be physical either. They can more abstract. Another good example is Love Yourself Clothing (another brand we interviewed). Love Yourself’s entire brand is focused on mental health awareness, self-love, and being happy. Anytime someone is having a bad day or is feeling down, they might be triggered and be reminded of the phrase Loveyourself.

Kit Kats and Coffee

One of the most famous and successful marketing campaigns that involved a trigger was done by Kit Kat.

They produced crafty commercials where Kit Kats were associated with drinking coffee and taking a break. The campaigns did extremely well boosting sales tremendously over a period of a few months.

Coffee is a really frequent trigger. People often drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day. When people would take a break and pour a cup of coffee they were triggered to think about Kit Kats.

Triggers are really important to think about.

Get in Touch with Erin

Etsy: eharperco

Instagram: harperco_

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