Maddison Rotner – Virtual Fitness Instructor

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Maddison Rotner’s Story


Growing up in Los Angeles California, Maddison was involved in all of the arts. She was a singer, actress, and also a competitive dancer throughout her childhood.

Specifically, she spent most of her time practicing dance, spending 30-40 hours a week at different studios.

Eventually, she decided to stop competing right around the time she started college and quickly fell into the Los Angeles fitness scene.

She then attended the University of Michigan where she got her degree in Kinesiology (the study of the mechanics of body movements).

Eventually, she graduated college and moved to New York City where she started teaching classes at various studios including SLT, Box&Flow, and Soul Cycle.

When the pandemic hit, like many other fitness professionals, Maddison was forced into creating her own virtual fitness studio & concept.

Our Full Interview with Maddison is Below


Main Points and Lessons Learned


Fitness is more about feeling & energy than anything else 

As Maddison explained in the interview, the most important part about any fitness class is the energy and feeling that an instructor is able to deliver to their clients. That’s why companies like Soul Cycle have done so well. Taking a class at soul cycle is like doing a workout in a nightclub. They make fitness fun and exciting.

As an instructor, it is so important to make energy and feeling your main priority. Maddison is especially good at this considering she has a background in theater & the arts.


Get in Touch with Madison


Instagram: maddisonrotner





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