Hannah Gross – Sweat with Hannah – Virtual Fitness Instructor

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Sweat with Hannah’s Story


Hannah Gross got really into fitness when she was in high school. She would go to the gym all time and often would lead her friends through different workouts and routines – so early on she realized she had a knack for teaching.

When she was in college at the University of Michigan, as a side job she would teach spin classes at a local studio in town.

After she graduated college, she moved out to Los Angeles, where she got certified in weight lifting and pilates. From there, she taught at various studios in the LA area.

In March of 2020, when the pandemic shut everything down. Hannah was forced to develop her own brand and virtual studio “Sweat with Hannah”.

Hannah offers both group and private sessions.


Our full interview with Hannah is Below



Main Points and Lessons Learned


Virtual Fitness classes are as tiring as in-person classes

A lot of people seem to think since a class is virtual and there are no machines or weights at your disposal, then the workout is not going to be as good. According to Hannah, this is far from the truth.

Hannah explains that during the lockdown, only doing Virtual training she has gotten into the best shape of her life. Since there is limited equipment, most virtual classes are high-intensity cardio/bodyweight workouts which are great for fat burn – the most common reason people workout.

Hosting classes over zoom has its challenges for the trainer

Virtual fitness has tons of benefits as we have discussed before. However, at the same time, it is important to recognize that it has its challenges as well. Especially for the trainer.

In a normal in-person class, trainers can do a demonstration of an exercise, then they watch you and give advice.

For a virtual class, since your not there in the room with your clients and you have to be as engaging as possible, trainers usually will do the entire workout top to bottom.

Also, Zoom typically has some type of delay which can make communication difficult at times. All of these factors can make running a virtual class tiring, especially if you are teaching multiple times a day.

To be clear, Freestand is a huge proponent and supporter of virtual fitness. But it’s important we recognize some of the difficult aspects of it as well.

Get in Touch with Hannah 

Instagram: sweatwithhannah

Website: sweatwithhannah




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