Lucas Macklai – A Independent Virtual Teacher

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Lucas Macklai’s Story


Lucas Macklai works a normal day job, but during off-hours and before work in the morning he is a virtual teacher.

Lucas uses a platform called VIP Kid, which is an online platform that connects teachers to students overseas who are looking to learn English. VIP kid connects teachers to children mostly in Asian countries, usually China.

Lucas works with kids of all ages, ranging from 4-18 years old. He makes about $18 an hour on the platform. Doing about 3 hours of lessons (6 am-9 am) prior to starting his normal day job.

Lucas has a teaching degree, but as Lucas explains in the interview you don’t need one to work on VIP Kids platform.

Our Full Interview with Lucas is Below



Main Points and Lessons Learned


What is VIP Kid? 

VIP Kid is an online platform that connects English-speaking teachers to Asian (mostly Chinese) students who are looking to learn English.

How does VIP Kid work?

VIP Kid, allows teachers to select a time slot in which they want to teach. Mostly all of the teaching slots are during the night or early in the morning because of the time-zone difference between the West and Asia.

Teachers are independent contractors which means they don’t receive any benefits, however, they are able to design their own schedules and work when they want to.

Teaching sessions range anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour. VIP Kid has its own platform which handles payment, scheduling, and video conferencing. All you have to do as a teacher is select the times you want to teach and VIP Kid will connect you with a student.

Can anyone teach on VIP kid? 

Anyone with a degree from an accredited university can teach on VIP Kid.

Get in Touch with Lucas

Instagram: thatlucasguy


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