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Peel and Heal’s Story


Haley DelPlato was working a full time corporate job as a Spanish translator after she graduated form Colgate university in 2014. After work everyday, Haley would mess around with art and being creative in different formats.

Haley also was very big into planning, she keep a color coded decorative planner in order to organize her schedule and life. Eventually she found an entire hub of people on the internet who were also enthusiastic about planning in the same way as she was. That’s when she had her light bulb moment and decided to direct her creative energy into designing and printing her own stickers, that people could use in their planners.

Originally she started by selling on Etsy, and then eventually moved her operation to a stand alone site. Haley has amassed a large following on social media and uses that to drive traffic to her website. She has  almost 5,000 followers on instagram and also created her own online community of over 600 people using facebook groups.

Our Full Interview with Haley is Below



Main Points and Lessons Learned


Finding and owning a niche is key 

Haley has honed in a very specific niche of people who like to decorate their paper planners. While this might sound like a small market, or not that large of an opportunity – It is a really good way to approach starting a business.

It’s better to own a small market then be one of many in a large market.

Now this doesn’t mean you need to work in a small market or in something extremely niche.If your starting a business in a large market just make sure what you’re doing is different enough from everyone else so you stand out.

Having a mission behind your brand is extremely important 

Haley has embedded the mission of mental health awareness into Peel and Heal. She frequently talks about the subject and her own struggles with mental health and eating disorders on instagram.

First off this is great, because advocates for mental health awareness are important. But from a business perspective it is great as well.

Since Haley openly talks about her own struggles with mental health and eating disorders, she is able to build a large community of people who look to her for advice and support. Since a lot of Haleys products are also focused around mental health and staying positive – members of her community eventually might become customers.

The members of her community will fall in love with Haley and her message, then her products later.

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