Steve Bisson – Virtual Therapist

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Steve Bisson


Steve is a therapist who does both in-person and virtual therapy sessions with his patients.

He operates his own private practice and also uses online platforms such as Teladoc and Talkspace as well.

Steves private practice is both virtual and in person. Even prior to the pandemic, steve was doing 25% of meetings virtually with clients.  Since the pandemic, most of his sessions have been virtual.

Steve likes to take a different approach to therapy. As opposed to being so methodical and structured like many therapists are, Steve takes a different approach and is a bit more relaxed.

Steve says although structure is important in therapy, you don’t need to hit on every point each time you meet with a patient.  Sometimes it’s best just to let the patient talk about what’s on their mind that day.

Steve also has written a book called “Finding Your Way Through Therapy ” and is launching a podcast in June under the same name.

Our full Conversation with Steve is Below


Get in Contact with Steve


Instagram: Stevebissonlmhc


Book: Finding Your Way Through Therapy 

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