Buddha Core – Virtual Fitness (Pilates)

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Buddha Core


Buddha Core was started by Anna Levy back in March of 2020.

Prior to the pandemic shutting down studios, Anna was working at New York Pilates as an instructor -on top of her day job of being a dancer at a dance company in NYC.

Of course, once everything got shut down, the dance company and pilates studio both closed – so Anna immediately hopped on Zoom and started offering live pilates Zoom classes to her friends.

Eventually, Anna decided to really run with it. She started offering several live zoom classes a week and also created a website where she posted pre-recorded videos of her workouts.

Instead of staying in NYC in her small apartment, Anna traveled a lot during the pandemic. Conveniently enough since Buddha core is completely virtual, she was able to travel and run her classes at the same time.

Anna went down to the USVIs and stayed on a boat which her boyfriend captains. From the deck of the boat and other beautiful remote locations, anna was able to create awesome content for her clients.

1 year later, Anna is back in NYC – buddha-core has 85 members and is growing.

It was awesome talking to Anna and learning about her journey.

Our Full Interview with Anna is Below



Get in Touch with Anna / Buddha Core


Instagram: buddha_core

Website: buddha-core


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