Kyle Bergman – Sweat From Home – Virtual Fitness Studio

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Sweat From Home


Like many other virtual fitness studios, Sweat from home was born out of the pandemic shutting down in-person studios.

Kyle Bergman, one there founders calls their business a “Pandemic Baby”.

Kyle was working part-time at orange theory teaching group fitness classes. In late March he got an email saying that “his services will no longer be needed” since the studio was being shut down.

About 17 minutes later, Kyle got a text from Brendan Bellantoni one of the other trainers at Orange Theory saying  ” What business are we starting? ”

Soon after they started hosting Zoom workouts, incorporated the business and they were off.

A few months down the line, Kyle and Brendan decided to team up with Bethany Welch who would move on to become their 3rd Co-founder.

Sweat from home now has 12 trainers and they offer over 60 classes per week.

It was awesome chatting with Kyle and learning about Sweat from Home and how they got started.

Our Full Interview with Kyle is Below


Get in Touch with Kyle


Instagram: Sweat.fh


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