Matthew Partin – Freelance 3D Animation Artist / 3D Generalist

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Matthew Partin


Matt is a 3D animation artist/modeler AKA a 3D generalist. Matt does everything involving 3D. He creates still 3D characters, motion graphics, video game animations, and much more.

Matt went to school to become a 3D animation artist, but when he graduated college during the financial crisis, there were not many jobs to be had. That’s when Matt decided to start freelancing.

In 2012 Matt started working on Upwork, which has served him well since he was an early mover on the platform. He has built up a good reputation that serves him well and drives clients his way.

Matt mostly works on Animations for video games, specifically for the people building games who use the game engine “Unreal Engine”. A game engine for those who do not know is the software that is used to design and build video games.

Matt also works with companies, helping make 3D Animations for commercials and other forms of promotional content. He has worked with very large clients including AT&T and Coke.

Matt charges $55 an hour for his services and expertise. It was great talking to Matt and learning about his career, the different types of 3D animation, and where both virtual reality and augmented reality are headed for the future.


Our Full Interview with Matt is Below



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