Maya Nutrition – Maya Eid – Virtual Nutritionist

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Maya Nutrition


Maya Eid has always been interested in nutrition and how it affects the human body – from our skin health, digestion, mental performance, and so on. Originally she was interested for personal reasons but eventually, she wanted to help others.

So in 2013 Maya decided to go to school to become a nutritionist, and in 2015 she started working full time in the field.

For the last few years, Maya has been working as a nutritionist for a gym in Toronto as an independent contractor, while also hosting her own independent sessions with clients on the side.

Since the pandemic hit in March of 2020 and the gym Maya was working at shut down, she became completely independent and since then has been working solely with her private clients – all over Zoom.

Maya works mostly with people local to her area in Toronto but also has clients from all over the world, that find her online.

It was great talking to Maya and learning about her story.


Our Full Conversation with Maya is Below



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