Natalie Wright – Teacher Natalie / The Ed Tech Wizard – Virtual Teacher

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Natalie Wright


Natalie got started in her career as a teacher working in the special education department at a public school where she lives in Utah.

Back in 2018, she started working on VIP kid, which is a platform that connects English-speaking teachers to Asian students (mostly Chinese) who are looking to learn English.  After working on that platform for a little while she decided to stop because the hours were too crazy. VIP kid requires teachers to teach on Chinese time which means early mornings and late nights here in the states.

So Natalie decided to start her own set of classes on Outschool. Outschool is very different then VIP Kid because you create your own curriculum and also charge however much you want for your class. Also, you can teach whatever you want. Not just English like VIP.

Anyway, Natalie has been teaching on Outschool since June of last summer and has been doing really well.

She has about 3 or 4 different curriculums that she teaches – all focused around math.

Additionally, Natalie has another persona in the teaching world called ” The Ed Tech Wizard “. Natalie helps other teachers learn how to implement and use technology in their virtual classrooms.

It was great talking to Natalie and learning about what she does.


Our Full Interview with Natalie is Below



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