Become Yoga School – Virtual Yoga Instructor School

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Become Yoga School


Jewel Elizabeth has been a yoga enthusiast for years. After moving on from her previous position at equinox, she decided she wanted to start something herself.

Jewel had the idea for Become Yoga School for quite some time, but in March of 2020 she decided to give it a shot and work on it full time.

Become Yoga School is a school for aspiring Yoga teachers who are looking to get their official certifications to teach yoga.

Additionally, students learn how to properly conduct a class. They learn what types of exercises to offer, how to be engaging etc.

In under a year, Jewel has had over 100 students who have gone through Become Yoga School.

It was awesome talking with Jewel and learning about her story.


Our Full Interview with Jewel is Below


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